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Are you tired of getting Windows error messages you don’t understand? Maybe your systems audio, video, printing, internet, or networking are giving you headaches? Computer privacy, security, and performance can also be problematic for most of us.  In most cases you end up having to take your PC to a qualified professional like UBaZinga LLC when you have had enough of dealing with these problems, but there are some free things you can try first.

Iolo technologies, LLC

Most of the time Windows seems to work just fine when it is kept up to date and there are no other software or hardware issues. However, sometimes out of the blue things often go from good to bad real quick.  It could be caused by any microsoft_fix_it_smallnumber of unknown reasons like being out of date on system security updates, outdated antivirus or none at all,  malware, problems with other third-party windows applications, degraded or failing hardware, or bugging settings in the operating system.

The Microsoft Fix It Solution Center can help with these and many other common problems, and it is FREE.  With over 270 solutions in the Fix It Center, it is worth checking out.

While the Microsoft Fix It Center is a great free resource to help you with your computer headaches, it may not always be the right fix, or even work for your particular issue.   FIX IT may promise to  “Fix Windows system performance problems on slow Windows computers… Automatically troubleshoot and repair Windows performance problems. Improve, optimize and speed up Windows computers and make slow running PCs faster, but that is not really the case for most of these solutions.  For instance they do nothing to help with cleaning up junk files, freeing RAM, correcting registry errors, deep scanning for malware, fixing corrupted Master File Tables, and many other problems that can diminish PC performance.

So if you are having PC troubles, the Fix It Solution is a good start for free help, but here at UBaZinga we use and recommend iolo technologies – The PC Tune-Up Experts System Mechanic for a complete toolbox of 24/7 PC care and support.

Iolo technologies, LLC

Boosts Speed

Automatically accelerate PC startup, internet speed, program operation and gaming performance.

Repairs problems

Diagnose & fix over 30,000 different PC problems using intelligent live updates from iolo Labs.

Cleans-up & protects privacy

Remove over 50 types of junk files, and wipe sensitive internet and chat history for a cleaner, faster PC.

Plugs Security Holes

Block dangerous program, system changes and faulty settings.